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    Plumber Servicess in Madrid

    Installation of sanitary ware and taps, toilets, WC, and multilayer pipes in Madrid.

    Repair faucets, plumbing, piping, rising and downspouts in Madrid.

    We maintain heating and domestic hot water in homes and communities of owners.

    Why Us

    Plumbers with over 20 years experience in the sector.

    Economic plumbing installations guaranteed.

    We leave the house clean and organized at the end of the work.

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      Plumber at home in Madrid

      At Lomills, we work every day so that our clients obtain the best plumbing services at home in Carabanchel. No surprises, with maximum transparency and always offering a good quality-price ratio with the maximum guarantees, specializing in the installation of suspended toilets.

      We have been performing water installation, bathroom installations, installation of sinks and installation of both suspended and dual outlet toilets for more than 20 years.

      We also perform shower replacement as home plumbers in Carabanchel, such as installation of taps and repair of water leaks.

      We work all types of pipes, whether it is a riser or a downspout, we are not an inexpensive plumbing service, but our «A la Alemana» methodology allows us to adapt to any other type of work.

      On the other hand, we offer an urgent plumbing service if there is any specific problem in any of our works, such as leaks of sanitary water, leaks in gutters, taps or drains in Carabanchel.

      If you need an inexpensive plumber at home, we may not be the solution. Our German plumbing techniques allow us to carry out quality work with an effective guarantee.

      In homes with more than 30 years old, it is common to have plumbing problems in the home, so it is advisable to do German quality repairs so that there are no more problems in the long term. making a budget to change the entire plumbing installation.

      Our team of professional plumbers are capable of executing any type of work, be it installation, maintenance or repair of downspouts, taps, risers or pipes in Carabanchel.
      Services that we can offer such as unblocking in Madrid.

      Plumbing installations in Madrid

      We carry out pipe installations in general, which includes hot water, cold water, heating circuits, risers and downspouts. In turn, we clean the pipes and fix water leaks.

      On the other hand, if you are interested in a plumber in Carabanchel, and install a hot tub, you can call us as a plumber in the area. We move to your home and we design a plumbing budget without obligation, you will see that the estimates we offer have a great value for money.

      Installation of taps and installation of suspended tanks

      To replace taps in Carabanchel for your home, community or company, you can contact us. We carry out plumbing work in bathrooms, kitchens and gardens if necessary.

      If you would like to save water consumption, we can advise you using systems that allow you to save consumption in the toilet.

      Plumbing repairs

      Over time, the pipes and tubes become pitted which generates certain problems of water leaks, which our technical team of plumbers in Carabanchel can solve it.

      We change and repair any type of drain, with more than 20 years of international experience with general water networks, copper and polyethylene pipes.

      If you have problems with any of the toilets in your home, we can also move our for any type of problem.

      You can check too: http://plumber.burstnet.com

      Water leaks and pipe breaks

      We can fix any type of sanitary problem, water leaks and breaks in pipes and dampness in the floor and ceilings in Carabanchel, thus allowing a considerable saving of money on your monthly bill.